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Chapter 17: Sexual Energy & the Awakening of the Kundalini

The energy has gone upward, but the basic center has not become empty. It is overflowing, and the overflowing energy goes upward, up toward the brahma randhra. Then, near the brahma randhra, there is neither an upward movement nor a downward movement. Now the energy goes to the cosmic: it goes to the all; it goes to the brahman - the ultimate reality. That is why the seventh chakra is known as the brahma randhra - the door to the brahman, the door to the divine. Then there is no “up” and no “down.” It will feel like something is penetrating, thrusting upward - and a moment will come when one will feel as though that something is no longer there, that it has gone. Now it is overflowing into the passage.

The petals of the sahasrar are just a symbol for the feelings that occur when energy overflows. The overflowing is a flowering, just like a flower itself is an overflowing. You will feel that something has become a flower; the door is open, and it will go outward.

It will not be felt inwardly; it will be felt outwardly. Something has opened like a flower, like a flower with a thousand petals. It is just a feeling, but the feeling corresponds to the truth. The feeling is a translation and interpretation. The mind cannot conceive of it, but the feeling is just like a flowering. The closest, the nearest thing that we can say is that it is like a bud opening. It is felt like that. That is why we have conceived of the opening of the sahasrar as a thousand-petaled lotus.

So many petals - so many! And they go on opening, they go on opening.the opening is endless. It is a fulfillment; it is a flowering of the human being. Then you become just like a tree, and everything that was in you has flowered.

Then all you can do is to offer this flower to the divine.

We have been offering flowers, but they are broken flowers. Only this flower can be a real offering.