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Chapter 4: Two Empty Skies Meeting

There are people who can listen only to the sound of a falling rupee on the ground - that’s their only music. Poor people. They think they are rich, but they are poor people, whose whole music consists only in the sound of a rupee falling on the ground. Very poor people.starving. They don’t know what life consists of. They don’t know the infinite possibilities, they don’t know the infinite melodies surrounding you - the multidimensional richness. You hear only that which you listen for.

If you listen en rapport, in a deep merger with me, then grace will happen. The same grace has been happening always to all those who, whenever a Buddha, a Jesus, a Krishna was walking on the earth, were courageous enough to walk with these people. If you walk with me, if you sit with me en rapport, then you will be fulfilled. I am pouring something in you, but if you don’t open your heart I cannot fulfill you, I cannot fill you. But if you open your heart soon you will be overflowing and that overflowing will make you a lotus out of the mud.

The lotus is nothing but an overflowing energy. Hence in the East we have respected the flower of lotus like nothing else. It has become the ultimate symbol of growth. We call the last center in your being, sahasrar - one thousand-petaled lotus. Sex is the lowest center, sahasrar the highest. By sex you become joined with nature, by sahasrar you are in tune with existence, or with the whole. Move from the mud, transcend the mud, and hope and pray and wait for the lotus to open and flower in you.

It is possible. These moments that you are here with me are of tremendous import - but you can hear only that which you listen for.

Enough for today.