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Chapter 6: Just to Be Able to Dance

“I mean, man,” said the hippie hobo, “I really dig your jive, man. I read you loud and clear. I put a little cash in your old plate there, daddy-o.”

“Aha!” beamed the vicar, grasping the down-and-out’s hand. “Cool man, cool!”

That’s what I say to you - cool man, cool. There is no need to express your gratitude; it will be difficult. If you can express it, it is not of worth. If it is of worth, you cannot express it. If you are just giving me a formal thank-you, then you can express it. But I know, I know the person who has said this. Something is really happening. It is overwhelming, but there is no need to express it. I will know it.

In fact, I know it before you come to know it. Whenever it is happening to somebody, I am the first to know here. You will be the second, even if it is happening to you - because it will take a little time to reach your mind. It has to travel a little longer. It travels to me faster. I know it is overwhelming, but there is no need; just cool down. Become more cool. And I will know it, and everybody else will know it, and the whole world - even the trees and the rocks and the rivers will know it.

When it really happens, there is no need to say it. The whole existence immediately feels it: something has happened. Somebody has opened, some flower flowered, a lotus bloomed.

Enough for today.