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Chapter 30: Does a Flower Need Religion?

Does a pagan living a natural life need religion?

It is one of the most basic questions that can be asked. The first thing to understand is, who is a pagan? It is not what Christians go on calling a pagan. The pagan is a natural man - sincere, not a hypocrite, living life naturally without an domination of the mind.

The pagan is part of existence.

He is not trying to go in some other direction but is always in a let-go and moving with existence wherever it leads.

There is no goal in the life of a pagan.

There is no question of any meaning in the life of a pagan. Life in itself is so beautiful that to ask the question of the meaning of life is simply nonsense. It has to be remembered - we ask about meaning only when something goes wrong.

If you have a headache, you certainly inquire why; you go to the doctor to find out the cause. But when you don’t have any headache, what to say about headache? - you even forget about the head. Without the headache is there any head? There is no need even to remember it. When you are healthy you never ask the question, What is the meaning of health? Such a question only arises in the mind of a man who is not healthy.

The people who ask what is the meaning of life are the people who have missed life, who are alive because they are still breathing, their heart is still beating, their pulse is still going on; otherwise they are dead. Except for these three things there is nothing in their life. Naturally the question arises: What is the meaning?

Heart beating, breathing continuing, pulse perfectly right - but can these three things give you any fulfillment, any joy? Can these three things be the meaning of existence, the meaning of being? This is vegetating, not living. These are the people who ask, “What is the meaning of life?” - because they are missing it.

The people who are really living are in love with life, in love with the small things of life, not hankering for any great things, non-ambitious.

Sipping a cup of tea is enough of a joy for them.

Just to see the sunrise is such a glory that who bothers what is the meaning of life? They enjoy their food, they enjoy their clothes, they enjoy their houses, they enjoy their gardens, they enjoy their lovers, their beloveds. They enjoy music, they enjoy poetry.

They enjoy everything that is enjoyable, with no guilt.

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