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Chapter 13: Shadows of the Dead

Society has been very cunning about every direction in life - about words, about language, it has manipulated everything so that it becomes supportive to the establishment. Even language has to be freed from the chains which have been put over it by the past. Beautiful words like rebel, revolution, freedom, all have to be redeemed from sheer negativity. And the only way is to make the positive the center of the world; the negative will be only a preparation for the positive. You prepare the ground for a garden; you take away the weeds, you take away the unnecessary growth of wild plants, and their roots - this is the negative part.

But just taking away the weeds, the wild plants and their roots, and cleaning the ground, is not enough to make a garden. It is necessary, but not enough. You will have to plant roses also; that will be the positive part. You will have to plant beautiful flowers, beautiful trees. The negative part is only a preparation for something positive to happen.

Is sannyas a training for rebellion? Are you preparing us to be warriors, fighting for the right to be individuals in a society which labels truth as lies, and calls lies the truth?
I have just read David Yallop’s book, In God’s Name, in which he clearly lays out the role of the Roman Catholic church in murder, terrorism, embezzlement, drug running, and major and continuing swindling of incredible sums of money; manipulation of politics in America, Italy, South America, Poland.The list is as impressive as it is far from the message of the carpenter from Nazareth. Will you please comment?

David Yallop’s book is a tremendous contribution towards understanding the murderous instinct of the Catholic church. The same is needed to be done about every religion - because they all are doing the same thing, more or less. Perhaps the Catholic church is the best example because it is the most organized religion in the world, and the greatest in numbers - seven hundred million people are Catholics.

And that religion has committed every crime that you can imagine. It has burned thousands of women alive, by fictitiously labeling them as witches. There is no devil anywhere, and there are no witches anywhere. But these women were chosen to be destroyed because they were competitors to the Catholic religion. They were carrying the older and more ancient tradition of the days when the world was pagan. They were nature worshippers.

And for Catholicism that is the worst crime - because that means there is no need of a God, nature is enough. There is no need of a Jesus Christ as a savior, because nobody is drowning. And there is no need for the Catholic priests and their confessionals, because nature knows nothing as sin.

These women were burned alive because they were pagans. But just to burn them because they were pagans was not enough of an excuse. They had to be condemned in such a way that their being burned alive could be supported rationally. First, they were tortured for days together: special mechanisms were invented to torture them.

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