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Chapter 6: Come to Your Own Festival

Particularly one tribe of the aboriginals in Burma has been studied by psychologists and they could not believe it: that tribe had never been in any war. They don’t fight with each other - not even in their dreams. They don’t have so many dreams as you have. There are hundreds of people in that tribe who have never dreamed. When you talk about dreams, they just look at you - “What are you talking about? When we are asleep we are asleep. What do you mean by dream?” In their language there is no word for dream.

And if once in a while a child dreams, or a man dreams anything - for example, having a fight with some neighbor, or having a love affair with some woman - first thing, in the early morning, he has to confess the dream to his parents. And then all the elders of the village gather together to figure out who the person is that he has murdered in his dream, or was fighting with him in his dream, or who the woman is that he has fallen in love with in his dream. They figure it out. He gives the complete detailed description, very vivid and very real. So they can figure out who the person is - it is a small tribe.

Then the elders tell the person who has been dreaming, “You should take sweets and flowers and gifts to that woman, let her know that you have misbehaved with her in the dream, and you have come to be forgiven. Go with an apology to the woman or to the man with whom you have been violent. And unless they forgive you, don’t return, sit there.” And obviously, the person had nothing to do with it - you have not murdered him, you just dreamed - so obviously, he is willing to forgive you.

This has been their culture for thousands of years - that even the dream has to be taken into account. And the ultimate result is that the people ordinarily don’t dream. Only once in a while does somebody dream, and that happens only when he has repressed something natural. For example, he has been looking at a woman with lust, but could not express it in reality; hence the dream comes as a substitute for wish fulfillment.

That society knows a far better psychoanalysis than our so-called civilized world. They have been psychoanalyzing for thousands of years, and their method is far more effective. They have relieved people’s sleep completely of dreams. They know authentic sleep, what Patanjali calls dreamless sleep.

He divides your states of mind into four: the so-called waking state, the dream state, deeper then is dreamless sleep, and deeper than that is samadhi, a real awakening. The first is called so-called waking; the last is called real awakening, which makes you a buddha.

But these aboriginal tribes don’t have the dream state at all. From the waking state they simply move into dreamless sleep. And they are innocent, utterly graceful. Not a single war in their whole history, not a single murder in their whole history, not a single suicide in their whole history! They are just like flowers - innocent, natural.

And you call yourself civilized, and you call them uncivilized.primitive.pagans.?

So if this psychologist is really interested, first he should study people who don’t know television, who don’t know movies, and he will find the hypothesis of Sigmund Freud absolutely correct.

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