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Chapter 6: The Birth of the New

When the tree grows and becomes bigger do you think there is pain? There is no pain. Even when a child is born, if the mother accepts it there will be no pain. But the mother rejects it; the mother is afraid. She becomes tense, she tries to hold the child inside - which is not possible. The child is ready to go out into the world, the child is ready to leave the mother. He is ripe, the womb cannot contain him anymore. If the womb contains him anymore the mother will die and the child will die. But the mother is afraid, she has heard that it is very painful to give birth to a child - birth pangs, birth pain. She is afraid. And out of fear she becomes tense and closed.

Otherwise - in primitive societies those tribes still exist - childbirth is so simple, with no pain at all. On the contrary, you will be surprised, the greatest ecstasy happens to the woman in childbirth - not pain, not agony at all, but the greatest ecstasy. No sexual orgasm is so satisfying and so tremendous as the orgasm that happens to the woman when she gives birth to the child naturally. The whole sexual mechanism of the woman pulsates as it cannot pulsate in any lovemaking.

The child is coming from the deepest core of the woman. No man can ever penetrate a woman to that core. And the pulsation arises from the inside. The pulsation is a must - that pulsation will come like waves, great tidal waves of joy. Only that will help the child to come out, only that will help the passage to open for the child. So there will be great pulsation and the whole sexual being of the woman will have tremendous joy.

But what actually has happened to humanity is just the opposite: the woman comes to feel the greatest agony of her life. And this is a mind creation, this is wrong upbringing. The birth can be natural if you accept it. And so it is with your birth. Growth means you are being born every day. Birth does not end the day you were born - on that day it simply starts; it is only a beginning. The day you left the womb of your mother you were not born, you started being born; that was just the beginning. And a man goes on being born till he dies. It is not that you are born in a single moment; your birth process continues for seventy, eighty, ninety years, however long you live. It is a continuum.

And every day you will feel joy - growing new leaves, new foliage, new flowers, new branches, rising higher and higher and touching new altitudes. You will be getting deeper, higher, you will be reaching to peaks. Growth will not be painful. But growth is painful - it is because of you, your wrong conditioning. You have been taught not to grow; you have been taught to remain static, you have been taught to cling to the familiar and the known. That’s why each time the known disappears from your hands you start crying. A toy has been broken, a pacifier has been taken away.

Just the other day, one man wrote to me: “You spoke against Transcendental Meditation - and I was planning to go to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to learn levitation. Now I cannot take a jump into you, otherwise I will never be able to levitate.”

He was very hurt. A pacifier has been taken away. TM is a pacifier, a pseudo-tit: you can go on sucking it and it keeps you pacified. He was very hurt that I called TM mantra a lullaby. I can change my statement: let us call each lullaby a TM mantra, if it satisfies you.

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