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Chapter 10: Everybody Can Laugh

Remember, love is born with you; it is your intrinsic quality. All that is needed is to give it a way - to make a passage for it, to let it flow, to allow it to happen. We are all blocking it, holding it back. We are so miserly about love, for the simple reason that we have been taught a certain economics. That economics is perfectly right about the outside world: if you have so much money and you go on giving that money to people, soon you will be a beggar, soon you will have to beg yourself. By giving money you will lose it. This economics, this arithmetic has entered into our blood, bones and marrow. It is true about the outside world - nothing is wrong in it - but it is not true about the inner journey. There, a totally different arithmetic functions: the more you give, the more you have; the less you give, the less you have. If you don’t give at all you will lose your natural qualities. They will become stagnant, closed; they will go underground. Finding no expression they will shrink and die.

It is like a musician: if he goes on playing on his guitar or on his flute, more and more music will come. It is not that by playing on the flute he is losing music - he is gaining. It is like a dancer: the more you dance, the more efficient you become. It is like painting - the more you paint, the better the painting.

Once, while Picasso was painting, a critic and friend stopped him in the middle and said, “One question has been bothering me and I cannot wait anymore, I cannot contain it. I want to know: you have painted hundreds of paintings; which is your best painting?”

Picasso said, “This one that I am painting right now.”

The critic said, “This one? And what about the others that you have painted before?”

Picasso said, “They are all contained in it. And the next one that I do will be even better than this - because the more you paint the greater is your skill, the greater is your art.”

Such is love, such is joy! Share it. In the beginning it will come only like dewdrops, because the miserliness has been very long, very ancient. But once even dewdrops of love have been shared, you will soon become capable of sharing the whole oceanic flood of your being - and you contain infinities. Once you have known the higher mathematics of giving and gaining, you will find that just by giving you gain. Not that something is returned; in the very giving you are becoming richer. Then love starts spreading, radiating. And one day you will be surprised: where is the fear? Even if you want to find it you will not be able to find it at all.

So it is not a question of dropping the fear; nobody has ever been able to drop it. It is only a question of sharing your love, and the fear is dropped on its own accord.

You ask me: “Have you any practical or impractical suggestions.?” Practical suggestions, no - that is not my business at all. Impractical suggestions, yes - and many!

The second question:

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