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Chapter 1: Spiritual Hedonism

The God of Jacob, Abraham and David - the God of those who love life and live life - is the real god. The God who is against life is a counterfeit. Any temple that is against life is a counterfeit. Beware of it! The temple that enshrines life itself as God is the only true temple.

Jesus replied rightly. And if you can see life as God, then you are always in the bride-chamber. Then the bridegroom is always, always, always there. If you can see life as God, then the bridegroom will never leave you. That God expressed himself through Jesus; that God expressed himself through Krishna. He danced through Krishna, he played on the flute through Krishna. That God sometimes penetrates and comes to the marketplace, but you don’t recognize him because you have a counterfeit god.

I have heard:

Once it happened that a man took his grandmother to a great art exhibition. There, she saw for the first time a real painting, an authentic painting, of Vincent Van Gogh. She looked at the painting and laughed.

The man asked, “Why are you laughing? Do you like this painting?”

She said, “This is a copy. I have had a calendar hanging on my wall for almost twenty years, and this is just a copy of it.”

The calendar was a copy of the painting. It was the true, authentic painting, but she laughed and said, “Why are these ordinary things being shown here? This painting has been hanging in my room for twenty years.”

If you are too influenced by the counterfeit, you will miss the real. If your eyes become too filled with the counterfeit, when the real encounters you, you may not even be able to recognize it. God is life, and there is no other god. God is you, me, and all.and there is no other god. Celebrate, rejoice that God is there in everything: Every pebble and every leaf.full of God. Every drop of water.full of God. When you are thirsty, God is thirsty within you. And when you drink cold water, it is God flowing within your being; it is God who will quench your thirst. The thirst is God, the quenching is God, the water that quenches is God. All is God.

What is there to renounce? For what reason should you fast? Celebrate and dance! A real religion is celebration. A false religion is renunciation.

Enough for today.