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Chapter 30: Session 30

Baba said, “I knew that you would recognize it. Please be patient. First listen to his flute, then we will think about his being a snake.” He went on, “I was afraid you would become aware of it. I knew he would not be able to deceive you, but we will talk about that later on. First, listen to his flute.”

So I listened, and he was certainly a magician, reaching into you so deeply, just like a cuckoo calling from a distant hill. This phrase can be understood only in an Indian context.

In India, the cuckoo is not what you make of it. To be cuckoo in the West is to be in the madhouse. In the East, the name cuckoo is given only to the highest singers and poets. Sachdeva was called “the cuckoo of the flute world.” And any cuckoo would find himself jealous, because the man’s flute was far more beautiful - don’t forget, I mean his music.

Pannalal Ghosh moves in a perfectly flat way, very sure of his ground, each step taken with care, prepared by long, long practice. You cannot find a single flaw. You cannot find a single flaw in Sachdeva either, but he does not move on flat ground. He is a bird of the hills, flying high and low; a bird still wild, not yet tamed, but so perfect. Pannalal Ghosh seems to be very far away; something of the head, a technician really. But Sachdeva is a genius, a real artist. Innovators are very rare, and he is one of them. Particularly in a small field like the flute, he has innovated so much that for generations nobody is going to defeat him, to break his record.

You can also see that although I never liked the man I am very fair and just, as far as his flute is concerned. And what does the man have to do with his flute? Neither he liked me nor did I like him. I disliked him so much that when he next came to see Baba, and inevitably Baba told him to touch my feet, I sat in the lotus posture, covering my feet with my robe.

Baba said, “Where did you practice the lotus posture? Today you are behaving like a great yogi.” He then asked, “Where did you learn yoga?”

I said, “I had to learn it for all these creeping creatures, snakes and reptiles et cetera. For example, this man.I love his flute, but his flute is a totally different thing from his whole being. I don’t want to be touched by him, and I knew you would say what you just said. Please tell me to touch his feet; that would be far easier.”

Now I can explain to you something without which what I said will not be understood. When you touch the feet of somebody, you are pouring yourself, energywise, at his feet. It is an offering of whatsoever you are. Unless you are really worthy it would be better if you could be prevented from doing it. I could have touched his feet without any trouble. I could have poured whatsoever I had onto his feet. You can throw a flower on a rock, but don’t throw a rock on the flower.

Baba said, “I understand, but he too has to be changed.”

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