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Chapter 3: Sitnalta and the Seventeen Chakras

Let me tell you one of the most beautiful parables that has ever been invented by man, the parable of Adam and Eve eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. The moment they have eaten the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge they fall - the original fall. They are no longer in paradise, they are no longer deathless, they are no longer in eternity; they have lost contact. What has happened? The mind has been created.

That is the meaning of the parable. Eating from the Tree of Knowledge creates the mind; the moment they ate the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, the mind was created. Adam and Eve are still in the same place, in the same space, they have not gone anywhere. But the mind is created - and once the mind is there, paradise is lost, forgotten. One falls asleep and starts dreaming of hells, death, etcetera, etcetera. Now you will have to vomit the fruit of knowledge.

You will have to vomit the mind out of your system. Once you have vomited knowledge out of your system, suddenly you will be awakened to the fact that you are in paradise. And you will start laughing at the whole ridiculousness of it, because you will know, you will become perfectly aware, that you had never been anywhere else. You have always been here, always and always - you had just fallen asleep and had a nightmare. Now that the poison is out of your system, the nightmare is finished.

We are in the Garden of Eden, right now, this very moment. Nobody can send you to hell except knowledge, except methods, except the mind.

Try to understand. Rather than being in a hurry to drop anything, try to understand. Become more aware, become more alert, more watchful, more observant, and methods will disappear and mind will disappear in the same instant. And then there is no hell - in fact there never has been, you had only imagined it. It is all paradise and always paradise. We are in existence, we are gods.

Enough for today.