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Chapter 27: Time for Silence and Time for Laughter

But that man said, “Please let me make it clear to you why I am not standing up. I have only raised my hand. I want to know how to reach to the other shore, because today of course I am not ready. There are many things which are incomplete: a guest has come, my young son is getting married, and this day I cannot go - and you say from the other shore, you cannot come back.

“Some day, one day certainly, I will come and meet you. If you can just explain to us once more - although you have been explaining to us for your whole life - just once more how to reach the other shore? But please keep in mind that I am not ready to go right now. I just want to refresh my memory so that when the right time comes.”

That right time never comes.

It is not a story only about that poor man, it is the story of millions of people, of almost all. They are all waiting for the right moment, the right constellation of stars.They are consulting astrology, going to the palmist.inquiring in different ways what is going to happen tomorrow.

Tomorrow does not happen - it never has happened. It is simply a stupid strategy of postponement.

What happens is always today.

A right kind of education will teach people to live herenow, to create a paradise of this earth, not to wait for death to come, and not to wait for death to come, and not to be miserable till death stops your misery.

Let death find you dancing and joyous and loving. It is a strange experience that if a man can live his life as if he is already in paradise, death cannot take away anything from that man’s experience.

My approach is to teach you that this is the paradise, there is no paradise anywhere else, and no preparation is needed to be happy. No discipline is needed to be loving; just a little alertness, just a little wakefulness, just a little understanding. And if education cannot give you this little understanding, it is not education.

My conception of a world academy means that the whole world should have the same education of meditation, of art, of creative science. If we can create a sane educational system around the world, then the divisions of religion and the discrimination between white and black and nations, the ugly politics that exists because of them, and the stupid behavior of men preparing continuously for war.

Whenever I see a soldier I cannot believe that this man has a mind at all.

Even animals don’t become soldiers.

But man seems to have only one interest: how to kill, how to kill more efficiently, how to go on refining instruments for killing.

A right education will teach you how to find your own song and how to learn the dance and not be shy; how to celebrate the small things of life and make this whole planet alive. It is only one, as far as we know, where people can love, where people can meditate, where people can become buddhas, where people like Socrates and Lao Tzu can exist.

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