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Chapter 1: Seven Valleys

This must have been a great shock to the woman - because everywhere else she had gone before she had been welcomed, and everywhere they had told her that now she had become enlightened because she had chosen the right master. Now she had come to the right door. Now she had become sane. Up to now, wandering here and there, she had been mad. She was recruited with great welcome. But Sadik hammered her. He did not even feel it right to say anything to her. He sent a message - a very practical device to show her, her state of consciousness. She was lost in the first valley. She could not go beyond the first valley.

The story is of great significance. Many of you are lost in the first valley. It you want to go to the second, you will have to drop all the rubbish that you have gathered in your mind. All kinds of thoughts you will have to drop. You will have to unlearn.

Unlearning is the positive path. Through unlearning you will have a new attitude arising in you - you will be less concerned with the known, you will be more concerned with the knower. And once you have dropped all your knowledge it will be very clear to you whether it is action that is going to be your door, or it is love, or it is knowledge. Right now you are a grayish mass.

Meditate over this story, and meditate over the seven valleys. Let me repeat it again: man is a paradox. Man is the only being who tries to surpass himself. Man is the only being who has a great longing to transcend. This is man’s glory, because this is God’s gift to man; and this is man’s anguish too.

Now it depends on you whether you will make it into a blessing or into a curse.

Enough for today.