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Chapter 14: It Is Your Mind Again

Questions from friends.

Some young people in Germany often use this motto: “God does not exist, but still I hate him.”
Please comment.

The experience of hate is not very far away from love. It is love standing on its head.

The people who say, “God is dead but still I hate him,” do not understand what they are saying, and where they are going.

In the first place, God has never been, so he cannot be dead. In the second place, if you have not loved God, you cannot hate him. In your hate, love still survives, it can reassert itself. Love reasserts out of hate that God will become alive again.

It is your mind again.

God is your projection.

Whether you love him or hate him, whether you believe in him or disbelieve in him does not matter - he will dominate your life. Through love he will dominate your life; through hate, perhaps more.

Just be free of the projections. When you are free of the projection, the fiction, the lie, you do not love, you do not hate: all those emotions disappear together.

It is like, for example, when you make a mistake in calculation. Two plus two you make five.When you come to realize that two plus two is four, not five, do you hate five? It was simply a mistake; you simply forget all about it. Two plus two is four. You have come to know the truth; the falsity disappears. And all relationship with falsity makes it real, because how can you relate with something which is a lie? - even with hate.

I have been asked a question once: “Osho, do you hate God?”

I said, “No I do not even hate him. The question of love does not arise; I do not even hate him, because there is nobody to love or hate.” First you have to create somebody, and then you can go on playing the game.

The German youth is angry with God. Out of anger, there is no understanding. Their statement, “There is no God, but I still hate him,” is absolutely clear. The second part is their reality: they are denying God because they hate him. But this is the paradox. You cannot hate somebody who does not exist.

They are simply in a reactionary mode, they have moved to the other extreme, because the people who have believed in God have deceived humanity for generations. The younger people - not only in Germany but all over the world - feel that behind all this cheating, exploitation, deceiving, stands the fiction of God, that God has to be destroyed.

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