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Chapter 12: Aloneness Is a Growth Need

In different seasons, in different moods, you will have to live with me. When you have lived through all the seasons and all the moods, then you will understand what richness is.

So allow that too. If my words are like flowers, let them be like knives penetrating you. If my words were like soothing balm, now let them be like fire and flames. Because finally you have to pass through all the opposites to come back home, to come to a point where opposites meet, mingle and disappear.

A point will come one day when you will listen to me and there will be neither sadness nor happiness. My words won’t be like flowers and won’t be like flames. You will simply listen in utter silence, not even a sound, nothing will happen. You will be as if you are not - and only then you have heard the message. Before that, many climates - but every climate is good, so enjoy that too, mm? If you live with me in the day, then who is going to live with me in the night? Accept all the ways I am, and each new phase will break something within you, a block, a frozenness - and will help you to flow. I will hammer you in many ways. And surrender means that you are ready.

If I am going to help, you are ready. If you say that you are surrendered and will follow me if I am going to heaven and not if I am going to hell, then you are not surrendered. If you are ready to go with me anywhere, only then you are ready to go with me.

And this is my understanding: that unless you can touch the very bottom of hell you will never know what heaven is. That is why hell exists - to purify you, to destroy you and all that is unnecessary so that heaven can flower in you. It is paradoxical, it appears paradoxical, but the flower of heaven blooms in hell.

Ponder over it! (a chuckle) Good!