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Chapter 6: The Birth of the New

No society allows grown-up minds. Why? Because grown-up minds are dangerous for the social structure; they are rebellious. They are dangerous for the social structure because they will see all kinds of stupidities that go on in the name of culture, society, nation. Now see: the earth is one, and man still remains divided. All the problems of humanity can be solved if nations disappear. There is no problem, actually there is no problem; the basic problem is the boundaries of the nations. Now the technology is there which can feed all the people of the world, there is no need for any starvation. But that is not possible, because those boundaries won’t allow it.

Once nations disappear, the problems can be solved. But if the problems can be solved, then where will the politician be? He is there only to solve your problems. He exists there and becomes very important because you have problems - because there is starvation and there is war and there is this and that. If all these problems can be solved.and they can be solved now by science. In fact politics is outdated; there is no need for any politics anymore. Science has come of age and can solve all the problems. But then the politicians will be gone - they will be gone with the problems. So they go on talking about how to solve the problems, and they go on creating situations so that problems are not to be solved. These nations, their boundaries, prevent it.

A grown-up person will be able to see all this nonsense - a grown-up person will be able to see it through and through. A grown-up person cannot be reduced to a slave.

Now in Soviet Russia people have to be forced to remain juvenile, immature. Otherwise they would throw out this foolish kind of government that exists there, they would throw out this dictatorial totalitarian regime - they would not be able to tolerate it for a single moment if they were grown-ups. Now the Soviet society has to force them to remain ungrown-up - dependent, that’s what I mean by “ungrown-up.” Remain dependent.

There is not a single society which is communist; neither Russia nor China. No society which is socialist - because the basic element of socialism is missing there; the freedom to grow. In fact, it will look paradoxical, but the capitalist countries are more socialistic than the communist countries. If socialism exists anywhere else in little bits it is in the capitalistic world, not in the so-called communistic or socialistic countries - because the basic ingredient of socialism is that each individual has a birthright to grow, to be himself. You cannot be yourself in a communist world. The communist society can exist only if you are a juvenile, if you are kept pressed down into your childhood and you remain dependent.

That’s why a country becomes “the mother country,” or it even foolishly becomes a fatherland or a motherland. Why mother and father? What do countries have to do with mother and father? There is a certain logic in it. No father wants his son to be really grown-up, because if the son is really grown-up then he will go on his own. No mother wants her daughter to be really grown-up; if she is really grown-up she is gone. Every mother tries unconsciously to keep the daughter juvenile, dependent. Then she will always look up towards the mother; whenever she is in a difficulty she will search for the mother.

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