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Chapter 12: Back to the Garden

But they have been telling that, “The husband has left you - don’t be worried. This life is short; it will be difficult and painful without the husband, but you will have tremendous rewards afterwards. Not only you - your seven generations, without any effort on their part, will all become enlightened.”

So the poor old fellow has asked, “Not only one, but two of my sons have become your disciples - so what about me, what about the seven generations?” As far as my sannyas is concerned, it is individual. It has nothing to do with your seven generations. Truth is always individual, but the people who were going against life had to create some consolations around themselves.

And when it became a deep-rooted idea in the minds of people that life is ugly, sex is ugly, existence itself is a bondage - as if life is a punishment, not a reward, not an act of grace; as if you have been thrown into life for some crime that you must have committed somewhere in the past, then naturally these things are bound to happen. People will become malnourished: why go on taking care about the body? The body is the cause of your bondage. Why be hygienic? - for what?

In fact, the Indian ascetic is very unhygienic. The more unhygienic he is, the more he is respected. The highly respected ascetic is called paramahansa - the great swan. This is the highest category of the saints in India. And the definition of a paramahansa is that he can eat from the same plate with a dog, or he can eat just sitting by somebody’s side who is defecating. He will remain unconcerned. He does not make any distinction between food and shit - it is all the same.

That’s why I say Morarjibhai Desai is fifty percent a paramahansa - because he makes no distinction between water and urine. In fact, urine is far better - he calls it “water of life.” Fifty percent paramahansa - just fifty percent more is needed and he and his seven generations will be delivered.

Why should one be hygienic? For what? And remember, when sex is repressed, many things are repressed automatically Sex is such a significant phenomenon because it is the source of all life. It has to be so significant because if you repress it you will repress many other things. For example, the person who is sexually repressed will become uncreative, because creativity itself is a kind of sexual activity.

In my observation, if a person is totally creative he will transcend sex without repressing it, because his whole energy will become creative. He will not need to go into sex - not that he will prevent himself - the very need will disappear. He now has a far higher bliss happening to him. The lower is bound to disappear when you have the higher in your hands.

Try to understand my arithmetic: never drop the lower, try to attain to the higher. When the higher is there, the lower is bound to disappear on its own accord. And when the lower disappears into the higher, then life becomes more beautiful, more healthy, more whole.

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