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Chapter 25: The Value of Freedom

There was a leadership vacuum and.


.she filled it. And that always happens when there’s a vacuum - someone will fill it. It’s simple.

No. But it has not harmed anybody, she simply befooled herself. Nobody is harmed by her bugging or taping peoples’ conversations, because these people and their telephone conversations are either simple gossips, or some loving words to a friend. Taping them is simply stupid; they are not plotting any conspiracy. But people who are power oriented are paranoid - they are always afraid that somebody is going to take their place.

Otherwise, bugging my room was absolutely stupid because she was the only one who used to come there - just for her work, if some advice was needed. There was no need to bug it. But she must have been afraid: perhaps somebody else enters without her knowing, informs me about what is going on - just paranoia. These people were not living happily; they were simply trembling inside, continuously afraid and looking everywhere with suspicion. And my people are meditating, working, enjoying, dancing, singing - they don’t have anything to bother about. That’s why she could carry on for three and a half years.

It became difficult for her only now, because I started speaking. My speaking created trouble for her.

The day will come when you will stop speaking again. Will your sannyasins then have moved spiritually, politically, to where they can handle that kind of problem?

I am not going to stop speaking until I am dead. And who knows - I may speak even after that!

But in case you don’t.

Just old habit.

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