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Chapter 1: Escape to Reality

Remember, eternity is not horizontal. It is not like a line going from A to B, from B to C, from C to D - it is not horizontal. Eternity is intensity, it is vertical. It is diving from A to a deeper A, not going to B: from A to Al, from A1 to A2, from A2 to A3. In fact as far as intensity is concerned, A is the only alphabet. In fact, the word alphabet comes from A; it comes from Arabic aleph. A is enough! And when you can get A, why bother about B?

A man with a parrot on his shoulder comes to a stop at the border crossing.

“You have to pay duty on the parrot, sir,” says the customs official.

“How much?” asks the man.

“Let’s see,” says the official, paging through his book. “Parrots: live, fifty pounds; stuffed, ten pounds.”

“Bill, don’t get any crazy ideas!” screams the parrot.

Even parrots are far more intelligent than your priests! But man has lived under a dark shadow of a suicidal approach: “Renounce life. Escape from life to the monasteries, to the deserts, to the mountain caves. Go as far away from life as possible.” Because it has been taught, and taught for so long, that the mind has become conditioned to the idea that the farther you are from life, the closer you will be to God. This is just bullshit! The closer you are to life, the closer you are to existence; it is the very core of life.

Two castaways from a sunken ship landed on a desert island. They survived there for a few days without food or water. There was no chance of escape as the sea was full of sharks.

Finally, one of the men fell on his knees, raised his hands to the sky and implored: “God, save us! If you do, I promise that I will always go to the church and sing your praises, I will never drink again, never play cards or smoke, never make love to women and never read any novels or see any movies!”

The second castaway looked at him and croaked, “Then why do you want to survive?”

The so-called religious people have lived, but one wonders, for what? If going away from life is the only way to reach to godliness, then why commit a gradual suicide? Why not do it quickly and be finished with it?

In fact, there are aboriginal tribes in the world still alive where nobody has ever committed suicide; the very idea does not exist. It must be because of these foolish religions that the idea has entered into man’s mind. No animal in its wild state ever commits suicide, but some animals commit suicide when they are forced to live in a zoo, when they lose their freedom, when they are cramped, crowded. They need a certain space around themselves. When their territorial imperative is destroyed, when they are being disciplined by human beings according to their ideas they start losing interest in life.

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