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Chapter 8: From the Mortal to the Immortal

Tozan said:
Subtly included within the true, inquiry and response come up together. Communing with the source and communing with the process, it includes integration and includes the road.
Merging is auspicious. Do not violate it. Naturally real, yet inconceivable, it is not within the province of delusion or enlightenment. With causal conditions, time and season, quiescently it shines bright. In its fineness it fits into spacelessness. In its greatness it is utterly beyond location. A hairbreadth deviation will fail to accord with the proper attunement.

Now, there are “sudden” and “gradual” in connection with which are set up basic approaches. Once basic approaches are distinguished, then there are guiding rules. But even though the basis is reached and the approach comprehended, true eternity still flows.

Outwardly still, while inwardly moving, like a tethered colt, a trapped rat - the ancient saints pitied them, and bestowed upon them the teaching.
According to their delusion, they called black as white.
When erroneous imaginations cease, the acquiescent no-mind realizes itself.

When the wooden man begins to sing, the stone woman gets up to dance; it’s not within reach of feeling or discrimination - how could it admit of consideration in thought?
Practice secretly, working within, as though a fool, like an idiot - if you can achieve continuity, this is called the host within the host.

Maneesha, before I discuss the very beautiful statements of Tozan, I have to introduce to you a few new friends of Avirbhava for the Museum of Gods. Something has to be said before she brings her new acquisitions. Our researchers have been working day and night to find out about all the birds that have been worshipped as gods, but they were very much surprised to find that parrots have never been worshipped anywhere. They looked into this encyclopedia and that encyclopedia. They found every possible source to look into.and they were worried about what to do because she had brought such beautiful parrots. I am going to allow her these parrots in the Museum of Gods for my own reasons.

Why have parrots not been included among the gods by any race, in any country, at any time? It is very clear to me that it is because parrots are just like rabbis, pundits, popes - they repeat, they don’t have any spontaneous response to anything. And priests and rabbis and popes have always been called parrots. Naturally they could not allow their competitors to be gods, and except for this I don’t think there is any reason. But as far as I am concerned, for this reason only I will allow parrots into the Museum of Gods. They are the only ones who represent the whole priesthood of all the religions.

The researchers have sent their report to me:

Many birds have been objects of worship down through history. Among the Indians of the northwest coast of America, the crow and raven are worshipped. They believe that the birds produce dry land by the beating of their wings. In India offerings are regularly made to crows, which are believed to be ancestors.

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