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Chapter 2: Your Mind Is the Judas

This physicist had met some sannyasin in America, and had sent me a message: “The last person I want to see is you, and I am coming back to India as soon as possible just to see you. The reason is that I feel you are perfectly right that the way of the heart in seeing things is far closer to reality than the way of the mind.”

But before he could come to India, he died. I feel that I must have been in his thoughts when he died.

We are one as far as our reality is concerned. We look separate as far as our fabricated egos are concerned.

So when I say dissolve your “you’, I mean your own creation, or the creation of the society in you, and just feel the silence of the moment when you are not. Then you will feel far more in tune with clouds and the ocean and the mountains.

The day you drop it completely is the greatest day in your life, because this brings you the whole universe. You lose nothing - you lose only a false idea - and you attain everything: the whole universe, the infinite universe with all its beauties, with all its treasures.

But before you can drop the false I you have to find your real I; otherwise dropping the false I you will feel you are becoming empty.

That’s why I say become an individual, be yourself. That simply means that feeling your reality you will be, without any trouble, capable of dropping the false. In fact the false will drop itself. As the real comes in, the false goes out. And the real is from one standpoint, individual - individual against personality.

The personality was just hodgepodge; something was put by your mother, something by your father, something by your neighbors, friends, wife, teachers, priests, leaders.. It was a patchwork, it was not indivisible. It was almost falling apart - any moment, a small accident and it will fall apart. It had no soul connecting all its parts. It had no wholeness, it was only parts.

Against personality I use the word individuality in the meaning of indivisibility. Individual means indivisible: you cannot divide it, there are no parts - it cannot fall apart. It is solid rock, it is one piece. Seen in comparison with personality.but that is only one aspect.

Seen from the universal, you are no longer individual either. Even that much demarcation disappears. You are the whole. The winds, the trees, the moon are not separated anywhere; neither are you. You are breathing every moment. Existence is not separate from you, even when you think you are separate.

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