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Chapter 14: The Infinitesimal and the Cosmic

I am the infinitesimal and the cosmic.
I am this strange world.
I am the ancient one.
I am consciousness, the source of all that is.
I am the lord of golden light, the effulgent one.
I am grace and goodness.

Life is not divided into parts, it is indivisible. Even if it seems to be divided into parts, still, it is undivided. You see many parts, but all parts, at their very roots, are one. Otherwise there would be no possibility for the world to exist, for the universe to be. Existence would disintegrate if it were just many parts. It does not disintegrate because it is not divided into parts, it is undivided.

You can understand it in this way: your hand is a part of you, your eyes are parts of you, your legs are parts of you, but you are undivided. Deep down, your eyes and your hands are all connected and united. Your eye sees and then your hand moves to do something. Your eyes see a snake on the road and your legs immediately take a jump, yet the legs are separate from the eyes - the legs cannot see and the eyes cannot jump. Hands can touch, ears can hear; the heart pumps blood and the brain thinks. The blood flows; flesh, bones and marrow are formed - these are all parts. If you try to understand each part separately, they each seem to be separate. But if you look more deeply, underneath all the parts there is something that permeates them all. Otherwise how is it possible for the eyes to see a snake and then for the legs to immediately jump? Somewhere, in some way, the eyes and the legs must be connected.

Somewhere, the eyes and the legs must be two aspects of one thing. Somewhere in the depths, the pumping heart and the thinking brain must be connected, because a change of thought in the brain affects the heartbeats. A change of thought in the brain affects the flow of blood. If anger arises in the brain, the blood pressure goes up. Sexual desire arises in the brain and the whole body is affected, moved. A thorn pricks your foot and tears come to your eyes. Somewhere, at some level, the feet and the eyes, the heart and the brain, each and every cell of the body must be connected.

That connectedness is not seen, only the parts are visible. That connectedness is invisible to the eyes. It is bound to be so because the oneness is hidden deep within. Exactly like this, just as the one inside us is one connected whole, the entire cosmos too is one connected whole.

You can understand it more easily in this way. In every adult human body there are seventy trillion living cells. It means that seventy tril-lion living cells are at work for the human body to function. In other words, seventy trillion lives are living in you; you are a huge city. This is why in India they have called the body a pur, a city, and you a purush.

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