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Chapter 5: Understanding Emotions

Try to understand this difference between impure emotions and pure emotions. The emotions that are triggered by the outside are not pure; so your love, the passion that you call love, is not pure because it is triggered by the outside. Only the love that flows from within, that is not triggered by the outside, is pure. That’s why in the East we say there is a difference between love and passion: we separate passion from love.

Passion is triggered by the outside. Buddha or Mahavira have no passion in their hearts, they have love.

Jesus was passing through a town. It was noon and he was very tired. The sun was very hot so he stopped to rest in a garden under a tree. The house and garden belonged to a prostitute. She saw Jesus resting under the tree in her garden. No one like this had ever stopped to rest in her garden; she had never seen anyone like this before. She had seen many beautiful people, she had seen many powerful people, but this beauty was different, this wholeness was something not of this world. She was so pulled by her attraction to him that before she realized it she had already reached the tree.

When she went close to Jesus and began to look at him, his eyes opened and he got up to leave. He thanked her saying, “Thank you for the shade that your tree has given me. Now I’m going, I have a long way to go.”

But the prostitute said, “If you don’t come inside my house for a little while, I will feel offended. Please stay for a while. This is the first time that I am inviting someone into my house. People come to my door and I send them away. This is the first time in my life that I am inviting someone in.”

Jesus said, “Once you have invited me into your heart, I have already become your guest. But I have a long way to go so please allow me to leave. I have already received your hospitality.”

But the prostitute said, “This hurts me. Won’t you even show enough love to enter my house?”

Jesus told her, “Remember, I’m the only person who can love you. All the other men who come to your door don’t love you. I am the only person who can love you. The others who come to your door don’t love you because they don’t have love. They have come because of you. With me, my love is within me.”

Love is like the light of a lamp: if no one were here the light would still continue to fall on emptiness, and if someone were to pass it would fall on them. But passion and desire are not like light: when they are triggered by someone, these energies move towards them. That’s why passion is a tension. Love is not a tension. There is no tension in love, love is a state of absolute calmness.

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