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Chapter 2: We Are in It!

The very meaning of God is that there exists nothing other than it. God does not mean someone sitting somewhere up in the sky and administering the world from there. No, these are stories for children. What is meant by God is that element other than which nothing exists. This is the scientific definition of God.

God means the whole, the total, everything - whatever is. What is cannot have a shore, because there remains nothing else to form the coast. Therefore God is everywhere; there is no shore. One who is ready to drown is saved. One who tries to be saved, drowns.

We are in it. We are in what we are trying to find.

There is no need to call who we go on calling, because there is not even that much gap that one has to call. That is why Kabir asked, “Has your God gone deaf that you shout your ajan so loudly?” God is so near that there is no need even to call him. Even if there is silence within, that too will be heard - he is so near. If you have to call the other, you have to speak. But for calling oneself, where is the need to speak at all? One can hear others only when words are spoken, but even one’s own silence is heard.

Being so near is the difficulty. Let this be understood properly: we have missed the truth because we are born in it. Our flesh, the marrow, the bones, the whole body is made of it. It is our breath, our life, everything. In numerous ways, through numerous doors, we are combinations of it - we are its play. There is no gap at all, therefore there is no memory; therefore its remembrance has become impossible. Therefore we see the world, but the truth is not seen at all. The world is at a distance, there is a gap between the two; this is why the passion for the world arises.

What is the meaning of passion? Passion means an attempt to close the distance between you and the object from which you have a feeling of distance. There is no passion for God because there is no distance between you and God. Or even if someone seems to be searching for God, it looks like a false passion. The person seems to be searching for something else in the name of God. He is making God an excuse but he wants something else. Maybe he wants power, maybe he wants prestige, wealth, position or something else.

A friend came and told me, “Since the time I began to absorb myself in meditation experiments in your camps, I have been benefiting greatly.”

I asked, “What benefit are you getting?”

He replied, “Spiritual benefit there is none, but financial benefit has begun!”

Very good! Where is the haste for the spiritual? - it can be postponed. Monetary benefit is the immediate need!

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