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Chapter 4: Mind: An Expert Coward

And the last question:

Our parents are here. Would you tell them a joke?

This is the joke for your parents:

“I have some grave news, Abe,” said the doctor. “You have only twelve hours to live.”

Abe went home to break the news to his wife. “Rosie, darling, the doctor says I have only twelve hours more to live,” he announced.

“In that case honey,” replied Rosie “I am your slave for the next twelve hours. Your wish is my command!”

First they went to Abe’s favorite Chinese restaurant, then they came home and watched Abe’s favorite television program, and then they made love before falling asleep.

At two in the morning Abe woke up in a cold sweat. He had one more hour to live. He nudged Rosie and said, “Wake up, Rosie, wake up! I want to make mad and passionate love to you one last time!”

“Well,” grumbled Rosie, “It’s okay for you, Abe, but I have to get up in the morning!”

Enough for today.