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Chapter 5: Mind Games

Somebody says, “I like this flower,” and you can say you don’t like it. There is no quarrel about it; we know that likings differ. Beauty is also like, like and dislike and good is also like, like and dislike. They are not facticities in the world. You bring your own idea to the fact, and between your idea and the fact a notion is born: you say it is beautiful. It fits your idea of beauty.

But your idea is not universal, it is personal to you. That’s why Sufis insist that all knowledge is personal. No knowledge is impersonal. They insist that all knowledge is partial, no knowledge is impartial, cannot be. Only a man like Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, is impartial - but then he has no knowledge. He has no mind to interpret. He looks at reality, he simply looks! He does not bring any idea to reality. He is passive. His mind is not an activity. He is alert, but just receptive; he does not project.

That is the difference between a buddha mind and an ordinary mind. An ordinary mind is an active agent. It is not like a mirror. It is not just showing whatsoever is the case; no, it penetrates actively. It brings its own ideas to reality. It colors reality, it gives a shape. It gives a form to reality which is not there, which has been brought by the mind itself.

The flower is there; the mind says, “Beautiful.” Only the flower is there - nothing of beauty, nothing of ugliness. The mountains are there. Nothing beautiful, nothing ugly; they simply are there. Existence simply is. It is not divided. Mind brings its knowledge, divides it, and then you go on and on, and you never become aware that a subtle wall surrounds you. Because of that wall you are unable to penetrate reality. One has to become passive. Remember: alert, but passive - that is my definition of meditation. Alert but passive.

Just the other day somebody sent me a small cartoon. I loved it. Two men are standing - maybe neighbors, friends - and one says to the other, “I hear that your son has started meditating.”

The other says, “Yes, he has started meditating. And I think it is far better than just sitting and doing nothing.”

But that is the meaning of meditation! - just sitting and doing nothing. If you do, it is not meditation.

Alert, and passive. Says Zenerin: Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and the grass grows by itself. Nothing has to be done, because once you do, you are there. Once you do something you have changed reality; already it is no more the same. Don’t do anything. Just watch. Be passive but alert. Aware, nondoing, sitting quietly.suddenly the reality is there. The mind is dropped. When the mind is not, then you know what is real. The mind won’t allow you to know the reality, because the mind goes on creating its own hallucinations.

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