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Chapter 30: Accept Life in Its Totality

But all doing is just like sex: in the beginning you have to be active; then a moment comes when activity ceases and you have to be passive. When I say “Buddha is meditating,” I mean Buddha is no more. He is not doing anything, he is just passive - a host waiting, just waiting. And when you are waiting for the unknown, you cannot even expect anything. You do not really know what is going to happen, because if you know then the waiting becomes impure and the desire enters. You do not know anything!

All that you had known has ceased, all the known has dropped. The mind is not functioning, it is just simply awaiting, and then everything happens to you. The whole universe falls into you; the whole universe enters from all sides into you. All the barriers are withdrawn. You are not withholding yourself.

Nothing is wrong with passivity. Rather, your activity is the problem. But we are trained for activity because we are trained for violence, struggle, conflict. And it is good as far as it goes, because in the world you cannot be passive. In the world you have to be active, fighting, forcing your way. But that which is so helpful in the world is not helpful when you move toward a deeper existence. Then you have to reverse your steps. Be active if you are moving in politics, in society, for riches or for power. Be inactive if you are moving into God, into religion, into meditation. Passivity is the way there.

And nothing is wrong about the negative either - nothing is wrong! Negative only means that something has to be dropped. For example, if I want to create space in this room, what am I going to do? What is the process to create space? What am I going to do? Can I bring space from outside and fill this room? I cannot bring space from outside. The space is already here - that is why it is a room - but it is filled with people or furniture or things, so I take the things and people out of it. Then the space is discovered, not brought. It was already here, but filled. So I do a negative process: I empty it.

Negativity means emptying yourself, not doing something positive, because that which you are trying to discover is already there. Just throw out the furniture. Thoughts are the furniture in the mind. Just throw them out and the mind becomes a space, and when the mind is a space it becomes your soul - your atman. But when it is filled with thoughts, desires, it is mind; vacant, empty, it is not mind. Negation is a process of elimination. Eliminate things.

So do not be afraid of the words negative and passive, If you are afraid, you can never surrender. Surrender is passive and negative. It is not something you are doing; rather, you are leaving your doings, you are leaving the very notion that you can do. You cannot do - this is the basic feeling. Only then is there surrender. It is negative because you are moving into the unknown, the known is left.

When you surrender to a master it is one of the miracles, because you do not know what is going to happen and what this man is going to do to you. And you can never be certain whether he is real or not. You cannot know to whom you are surrendering and where he is going to lead you. You will try to make certain, but the very effort means that you are not ready for surrender.