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Chapter 11: Right Questioning

Now you are something different from becoming; now you are being. This being is free; nothing can determine it. It is absolute freedom. No cause, no effect chain is possible here. So once a person begins to live “in” he becomes atomic. His actions now have a different correlation.

Ordinarily our actions are related with past actions. They come in a series: A, B, C. A was a past act; it created a situation in which B became possible; then B became a past act associated with A, then it created a situation in which C became a possibility, and it flowers. So your acts have a chain with other past acts, and this goes to the beginningless beginning and to the endless end. Not only your acts. Your father and mother, their acts have a continuity with you. Not only your father and mother, your society, your history - all that has happened before you - is somehow interrelated with your act, that is happening this moment. The whole history has come to flower in you.

Everything that has ever happened is connected with your act, so your act is obviously determined - because your act is just such a minute part and the whole history is such a vital living force. You cannot determine it; it will determine you.

That’s why Marx said, “It is not consciousness which determines conditions of society. It is society and society conditions which determine consciousness. It is not that great men create great societies.” Marx says, “It is great societies which create great men.” And he is right in a way, because as far as acts are concerned, you are not the owner; the whole history is the owner. You are just carrying something.

For example, you are carrying biological cells in you. They can become persons, but those cells are not yours. They’ve been given to you, not by someone, but by the whole biological evolution. The whole evolution has made your biological cell, which will give birth to a child. So you can be in a blissful ignorance that you are the father. You have been just a saint through which the whole history has acted, the whole biological evolution has acted, and has forced you to act. That’s why sex is so forceful. It is beyond you.

So this is one way, how acts happen in relation to other past acts, in relation to past. But when a person becomes enlightened, then a new phenomena begins to happen. Any act is not connected with a past act; any act is connected with the person, with his consciousness. Now it comes from his consciousness. It is not from a past act. That’s why you cannot predict it - because past acts are known. If I have seen you angry in many situations, I can predict that in this situation you will be angry.

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