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Chapter 4: Contrary to Expectation

The lion is a reaction, a rebellion against the camel. The individual now discovers his own inner light as the ultimate source of all authentic values. He becomes aware of his primary obligation to his own inner creativity, to his innermost hidden potential. A few remain stuck at the stage of the lion: they go on roaring and roaring and become exhausted in their roaring. It is good to become a lion, but one has still to take one more jump - and that jump is to become the child.

Now each of you has been a child. But those who know say the first childhood is a false childhood. It is like the first teeth: they only look like teeth but they are of no use, they have to fall out. Then the real teeth come. The first childhood is a false childhood, the second childhood is the real childhood. That second childhood is called the “stage of the child” or the “stage of the sage” - it means the same. Unless a man becomes utterly innocent, free from the past, so free that he is not even against the past.

Remember it, the person who is still against the past is not really free. He still has some grudges, some complaints, some wounds. The camel still haunts, the shadow of the camel still follows. The lion is there but still afraid somehow of the camel, fearful that it may come back.

When the fear of the camel is completely gone, the roaring of the lion stops. Then the song of the child is born. I would like you to go into these three stages very deeply and very penetratingly, because they are of immense value.

The stage of the camel, assimilation, is just like a child in the womb who does nothing but assimilate, just eats the mother, gets bigger and bigger, is getting ready for the final plunge to move into the world. Right now there is no other work for the child: for nine months in the mother’s womb he eats and sleeps, sleeps and eats. He goes on sleeping and eating; these are the only two functions. Even after the child is born, for months he will be just doing that - eating and sleeping. Slowly, slowly sleeping will become less and less and eating will also become less and less. He is ready, he is ready to become an individual - and the moment the child becomes ready to be an individual, disobedience enters in. The child starts saying no, yes-saying by and by disappears. Obedience dies, disobedience is born.

The state of the camel is the state of assimilation. The camel does not know how to say no. The camel is not acquainted with the no. He has not heard the word and he has not tasted the joys of saying no. He only knows yes. His yes cannot be very deep, because without knowing no your yes cannot be very deep; it has to remain superficial. The man who has not known no, how can he really know yes? His yes will be impotent. The camel’s yes is impotent. The camel does not know what is happening; he only goes on saying yes because that is the only word that he has been taught. Obedience, belief - these are the characteristics of the stage called “camel.” Adam was in this state before he ate the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. Each human being passes through this state.

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