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Chapter 4: Come Again and Again

Jeff McMullen

60 Minutes, Australia

Of the many extraordinary things that you say, the one on which I would never debate you is that you are an ordinary man. How ordinary a man are you?


Are you the new man that you say the world needs?


Do you put yourself on a plane with other great men: Jesus, Buddha, Krishna?

No, I am just myself and I don’t belong to any past, past prophets, messiahs. I am the beginning of a new man, absolutely discontinuous with the past. I have nothing to do with Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Krishna, Buddha. To me they are all dead and of no use for the future new man. In fact, they are the barriers for the new man to be born. I am fighting against all those fellows.

Are you a god?

No, there is no God. God is the greatest fiction created by cunning priests, and the new man is not going to have any God. The new man is enough unto himself. No God is needed. God is needed by retarded people.

Was Einstein retarded? He believed in a God.

Then I will have to explain to you that Einstein was a great physicist, he was a genius, but as far as other directions of life are concerned he was below average.

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