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Chapter 7: The Time Is Short

Anand Maitreya

Osho Magazine, India


We have chosen to become disciples, to participate in your vision in this new phenomenon, yet we are afraid to take the responsibility and defend this vision. The few people who do take this responsibility are often criticized by sannyasins for that. Why this criticism?

My vision is so new, so revolutionary, that if you are all massacred for it, it will not be a surprise to me. I am fighting against the whole past of humanity. Nobody has ever done that: Christians were fighting with the Jews, Mohammedans were fighting with the Hindus, Jainas were fighting with the Buddhists; but this is happening for the first time - one single man standing against the whole history of man. And you are choosing to be with such a man. You are participating, your devotion, your love, are toward a very dangerous man. But I don’t see that the whole past - it is vast and big - can destroy what I am saying. The past is not in my favor; I don’t want it to be in my favor, I want to destroy it from the very roots. But the future is mine and the future is yours and the future is far greater than the whole past. The forces of the future are far bigger than all the forces of the past, because the past is dead. Life knows no past - it is in the present, and always moving into the future. People will be against you, people will condemn you, particularly those who are trying to materialize my vision. Don’t care a bit about their criticism and their condemnation, they are just on the verge of their graves. They have failed - they have been promising man for thousands of years and all their promises have proved false. Man has remained poor, sick, starving, a slave to so many things, imprisoned, chained. They have driven man almost to madness, they have completely failed. Naturally, they will be offended by your small successes; they have not even been able to achieve small victories. Just your very presence is offensive to them for the simple reason that you are rejoicing, enjoying, loving. They have never loved, they have never enjoyed. They have always been guilty, feeling the burden of so many sins. How can they dance? When you see their situation, you will be able to forgive them for all their condemnation. They have missed their lives, and you are not missing a single moment. They are jealous of you, their condemnation and criticism arise out of their jealousy. When everybody is depressed, you are dancing. You are taking a risk: those depressed people will not allow you to dance, they will try to prevent you, they will start telling others that you are mad.

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