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Chapter 7: Difficult and Easy

But one who lightly gives promises, who lightly postpones things, who never thinks that things are difficult....

Try to understand this. Lao Tzu says: Everything is simple if you take it rightly in the beginning. But don’t think that it is simple, and don’t think that it is easy, because if you think that it is easy there will be a tendency to postpone - such an easy thing, why bother now? It can be done tomorrow. Things are easy, but you think they are very difficult. Tackle them immediately otherwise they will become difficult.

Hence even the sage regards things as difficult...knowing well that they are easy. But he regards them as difficult so that the inner tendency to postponement is curbed.

Small things, very ordinary things - they can be done very easily, but the sage regards them as difficult, and for that reason never meets with difficulties, because then he goes on solving everything. Things never accumulate, they are never too much. He moves from moment to moment, completely unburdened from the past, completely unburdened for the future. He moves like a mirror, empty.

“The empty mirror” is the right description for the sage. You come before it, it mirrors you. When you move, the reflection has gone. The mirror is again empty, again ready to reflect something if it comes.

The mirror never says, I will reflect tomorrow. If the mirror could say, I will reflect tomorrow - there would be such a crowd, nothing would be reflected. That is the state of your mind.

You have been postponing. Now, stop postponing. Look into the problems. By the very look they are almost solved. And the small things that remain? - they can be tackled.

Everybody is capable of solving his problems. Everybody has to be capable. When you are capable of creating problems, who else is going to be capable of solving them? You create, you can solve. These sutras of Lao Tzu are very significant. Pay attention to them. Meditate over them. Let your being be soaked with them.

Enough for today.