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Chapter 10: Nowhere to Go

This is what I call the beginning of meditation, the beginning of the entry within your being. Don’t get scared, otherwise you will again become a victim of your dreams. Enter into it boldly, courageously, daringly. If you understand me, it is not difficult; just a tacit understanding is needed.

Of course you will never be able now to know where you are. You will be able to know who you are, but you will never be able to know where you are because “where” is always in relation with others. “Who” is your nature; “where” is relative.

And now hence onward there will be no bridges with the past; and of course there is no possibility now for any bridges for the future. The past is gone; the future does not exist. The past is just memory and the future is nothing but hope. The past is just a reference and the future is just a dream. Both are gone. You will be living in the present.and the present is so vast that you will be lost as a drop of water becomes lost in the ocean.

Be ready for it. Be ready to dissolve, be ready to be annihilated.

The mind will hanker for the past; the identity, the clarity - where you are, who you are. But all those are games, language games.

I have heard one anecdote:

An Englishman touring the States remarked to a man in the West, “You have a remarkable country here. Lovely women, big cities, but you have no aristocracy.”

“No what?” asked the American.

“No aristocracy.”

“What is that?” asked the American.

“Oh, you know,” he said. “People who never do anything, whose parents never did anything, and whose grandparents never did anything - whose families have always been people of leisure.”

“Oh, yeah!” said the American. “We have them here, but we call them hoboes!”

But when you call somebody an aristocrat it looks very grand. When you call somebody a hobo, suddenly you fall from the peak of Everest into the deepest valley possible. But aristocrats have been hoboes, and hoboes think of themselves as aristocrats.

I have heard that two hoboes were talking to each other, leisurely sitting on a full moon night. The first said, “What do you want to become in your life?”

The other said, “I would like to become a prime minister.”

The first said, “What? Don’t you have any ambition in your life?”

A hobo thinking of becoming a prime minister. Hoboes have their values.

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