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Chapter 4: Laugh and Drop the Past

But she has gone in great anger. I have told her, “Let my picture with the ‘Hitler salute’ be on the front page of Bunte, with seven thousand hands raised.” And she could not understand that this is a joke, and in a very nice and loving way I am telling that you are still carrying your past within you. It doesn’t matter that you are carrying a German past - everybody is carrying his past, and my effort is to destroy your past, to free you from your past.

Yesterday Niskriya was sitting there as a Chinaman. Now, look by his side.the Chinaman is present. Please stand up.

This is the Chinaman. Look at him. Now, he is not angry. I have told you, we have only one Chinaman.and he must be very compassionate towards me, where I will have to look and find him. So he is sitting here next to Niskriya with the star - the red star, the communist symbol on his cap. This is intelligence! There is no question of getting angry because here the whole purpose is to take away all the garbage that, without your knowing, the past has been continuously pouring on you. You are living under its burden. And if somebody says something against it, you think it is being said against you.

Your past is not you, neither is your future you. Only your present is you - pure of past, that which is dead, and pure of future, that which is your dream, desire, longing.

The simple and sheer, crystal-clear present - that is you. And if you can discover this, you have found not the kingdom of God, but the kingdom of your own.

Why bother God? And why enter into somebody else’s kingdom? Why become unnecessarily a sheep, a goat, because somebody else is idiot enough to become a shepherd, leader, savior?

Just enter into your own kingdom. And a kingdom which cannot be conquered by anyone - unconquerable. A kingdom which once found cannot be lost. A kingdom which blossoms in everyone.

I was talking about that kingdom yesterday as the mystic rose. But that old goat did not hear a word of what I was saying. She was only concerned that I have “insulted humanity.” I cannot see any logical connection between the fascist salute of Adolf Hitler and humanity. Adolf Hitler killed humanity, insulted humanity. Forty million people - a very good account! - he murdered, butchered, gassed. And that old woman did not think that he has insulted humanity.

I am simply making you aware that if some part of you is still carrying, without your knowing, the junk that the past always leaves behind.and it goes on being given from one generation to another generation. Let it evaporate in a great laughter. Drop it. Forget that you are a German, forget that you are an Indian, forget that you are English.

It is enough that you are human.

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