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Chapter 10: Use That Clarity

The Encounter group is present tonight. The group leader is first to speak with Osho about it.

I have nothing special to say about the group.every group is different.

It has to be so because the group depends on the people. It should depend more on the people who participate.and no rigid structure should be given to it - so it remains loose, flexible. So whatsoever the need of the people, the group moves that way.

The leader is just to facilitate the process. He is not really to lead. He is just to help - wherever they are going, helping them totally to go that way. So each group is going to be different because it is created by the consciousness of the participants. Each group will have a different soul, an individuality - and it is good that it should be so.

Don’t try to force it to fall into any pattern. Just move with the flow.


I had an asthma attack that I think came up from dust while I was having some bodywork, and that interrupted the group for me. When I was a child I had asthma attacks like these, but for the past ten years before I came to Pune I never got attacks. It was more sometimes a difficulty in breathing - but never critical; more suppressed, I guess.

Dust may be a cause of it, but only one cause. Another cause may be that something of the past has been touched, and you regressed. That’s a good symptom. One has to go back to the past to clean up many things, to complete many things.

The past has a grip on you because much has remained incomplete, and it demands completion. Much has remained repressed, and it needs expression. Unless you complete it, it will hang around you like a ghost and will go on affecting you in a thousand and one ways. It will go on manipulating you from the unconscious. It has to be cleaned.

When you go back into the memories, back into the past, much dust arises inside too - the dust of memories, of thoughts, experiences, wounds. Many wounds are still there unhealed. You have simply forgotten them because you have to forget. You go on pushing those wounds away from the mind, from consciousness, but they are there: green, unhealed.

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