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Chapter 39: Mysteries of Existence

Just five days ago all the three parties that make the coalition government and the president agreed on my permanent stay here. And as the American ambassador heard about it, immediately he inquired of America, “What has to be done?”

And he phoned the president here and said, “It is up to you to choose - you are free, you have a democracy; we cannot force anything upon you. But this is the message from the White House, that if this man is given a permanent stay here in Uruguay then all the loans that we were going to give you” - which are billions of dollars in the coming year and the next year - “will be stopped.”

“Secondly we will demand that you return the billions of dollars that we have given to you in the past. If you cannot return them, then we are going to increase the rate of interest. You can choose - you are free.”

Now a poor country, a small country, even though they wanted me to be here, cannot afford it. The country will die if all this help stops and they have to pay back the old loans, which they have no means to do. Immediately we were informed that it would not be possible; the White House was informed that the blackmail worked.

It is sheer blackmail. But I am going to expose it to the whole world. It has been done in such a way that nobody will know: the people of Uruguay will not know, even the people in the government will not know. Only the president knows that he has been blackmailed, threatened.

And when the message was received by Washington that they have changed their mind.just the next day they were rewarded - rewarded with an immediate loan of one hundred and fifty million dollars which was not on the budget, which was a sudden surprise. And a two hundred million dollar loan from the past has been dropped, erased. It will not be asked for again. So in all, the reward is three hundred and fifty million dollars extra. And the loans that have been decided on before will continue, but these three hundred million dollars..

If the president has any sense of honor, he should give me my commission! Without me, he would not have got these three hundred million dollars. And if this is going to happen, I can move from one country to another country; I have got a good business. But this is not democracy, and this is not freedom.

In fact, going around the world I have come to the conclusion that there are only two countries in the world: the United States of America and the Soviet Union. All other countries are just puppets. They have been given a little rope to enjoy and they call it “freedom,” but the rope is either in Soviet hands or in American hands.

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