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Chapter 10: A Love Affair With the Universe

The first question:

There is a great deal of hypocrisy in India about sex. People are not even willing to discuss it openly, yet there is a growing proliferation of, and obsession with, nude pictures. Will this flood of pornography help? Can it finally bring sex out into the open in India?

Man’s past has been very stupid, and the whole stupidity has arisen out of a life negative approach, attitude. And all the religions in the past have supported the life negative approach. Not the Buddhas, not the Christs, not the Zarathustras, but the priests. But the professional religious man, who has been exploiting the names of buddhas, christs, zarathustras, and exploiting the masses.

The priest has found it very helpful to keep people life negative, because the moment a person is life negative he becomes weak. And it is easy to exploit the weak, to enslave the weak. It is easy to dominate the weak, to destroy the weak.

Hence the priest has found that two things are very essential for man’s strength, freedom, consciousness, and both have to be destroyed. One is food, the other is sex: both are basic instincts. Food is needed for the individual to survive, and sex is needed for the race to survive. Without food and sex, humanity will disappear. Knowing this, that these are the essential requirements of a really alive man, priests have been against both.

They have supported fasting, and they have supported celibacy. Because they have supported fasting they have made people food obsessed. Any religion that has fasting as its orientation - for example, Jainism - is bound to create food obsession in its followers. Any religion that is rooted in its opposition to sex is bound to create sex obsession.

Pornography is a by-product of your so-called religions. It is a religious phenomenon - excuse me. It is because of your priests that pornography exists. And it is not a new thing, it is as ancient as man.

Khajuraho, Konarak, Puri, what are they? Pornography in sculpture. And you can go to the ancientmost caves and you will always find pornography of some kind or other. You can look into folk literature, folk songs, folk stories, and you will always find them pornographic.

Pornography is as old as the priest. Once the priest comes in, pornography comes as a shadow, is bound to happen. And when you are taught to be life negative you become afraid of talking about things frankly, authentically. You do not like to talk about sex, because what will people think about you? You would like to hide it. You will try to create a façade, as if sex is nonexistential in your life. But deep down you are boiling. Deep down, you are thinking of sex twenty-four hours a day.

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