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Chapter 3: The Well Is Going to the Thirsty

Is it easy not to have future plans? I mean, every single person in the world worries about tomorrow. You don’t, because you are being taken care of.

I was not worrying even when I was not being taken care of. It has not been always so. I left my family when I was seventeen because I was not ready to go to a science college as my family wanted. They were not willing to support me financially to study philosophy. And they were right, because what are going to do when you become a philosopher? - you can only be a beggar. In this world philosophy has no value.

So I told them, “You don’t worry; you just leave me alone - I don’t think of tomorrow.” And since that day I have never thought about tomorrow.

You don’t have to pay rent tomorrow?


You don’t have to pay alimony tomorrow?


You don’t have to buy a car tomorrow?


Well, it’s easy not to worry then!

It is easy. But somehow existence manages it.

There are a few questions I was not allowed to ask, because you didn’t like them. Why is it that you are not prepared to answer any question?

Because they belong to the past, which is finished.

The future you don’t want to talk about; you don’t want to talk about the past - nothing much is left!

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