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Chapter 7: Any Moment!

In the present moment all past is contained, and in the present moment all future is potential. But you need not be psychologically worried about it. It is already there! You need not carry it psychologically, you need not be burdened by it. If you understand me, that it is contained already.the tree is not thinking about the water that it soaked up yesterday, but it is there! thinking or not thinking. And the sun rays that feel on it yesterday, it is not thinking about them. Trees are not so foolish, not as stupid as men.

Why bother about the rays of yesterday? They have been absorbed, digested, they have become part the green, the red and the gold. The tree is enjoying this morning’s sun, with no psychological memory of yesterday. Although the yesterday is contained in the leaves, in the flowers, in the branches, in the roots, in the sap. It is contained! And the future is also coming: the new buds which will become flowers tomorrow are there. And the small new leaves which will become foliage tomorrow are there, on the way.

The present moment contains all. Now is eternity.

So I am not saying to forget the factual past; I am simply saying don’t be disturbed by it any more. It should not be a psychological investment: it is a physical fact. Let it be so. And I am not saying become incapable of remembering it - it may be needed! When it is needed, the need is present, remember, and you have to respond to the need. Somebody asks you your phone number. The need is present because somebody is asking now, and you say, “How can I say my phone number? because I have dropped my past.” Then you will get into unnecessary troubles; your life, rather than becoming free, rather than becoming a great joy and celebration, will be hampered at every step; you will find a thousand and one problems unnecessarily being created by you. There is no need.

Try to understand me.

And you say: “But in giving up memory I must also give up my creative imagination.”

What does memory have to do with creative imagination? In fact, the more memory you have, the less creative you will be - because you will go on repeating the memory! And creativity means allowing the new to happen. Allowing the new to happen means: put aside the memory so the past does not interfere. Let the new penetrate you. Let the new come and thrill your heart. The past will be needed, but not now; the past will be needed when you start expressing this new experience. Then the past will be needed, because the language will be needed - language comes from the past. You cannot invent language right now, or if you do invent it, it will be gibberish; it will not mean anything. And it will not be a communication; it will be talking in tongues, it will be baby talk. Not much creativity will come out of it. You will be talking nonsense.

To talk sense language is needed; language comes from the past. But language should come only when the experience has happened! Then use it as a technique. It should not hinder you.

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