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Chapter 1: The New Alchemy: To Turn You On

I have called you here; you heard my call, and you have come. But this coming, this outward coming, is not enough. Now, I will call you again, on a different journey: the inner one. And if you cooperate, if you are ready to move inward, that will also happen.

The most important thing to remember is that the inner journey requires deep courage. It is an adventure into the unknown. The sea is uncharted; it needs courage to take a plunge. What is this courage? - the courage is to leave your past and to take a jump.

If you are not courageous, you go on continuing with your past. You go on repeating the past again and again. You move in a wheel, in a circle. Then your whole life becomes just a repetition. Courage means the courage to come out of this vicious circle, to break the continuum - to be discontinuous with the past, to be new, to be reborn.

This meditation camp is going to be a happening for a rebirth. There will be much pain, much suffering, because every birth is a painful phenomenon. If you are ready then even that pain will become happiness, because when the morning is the darkest, when the night has become darkest, the sunrise is just nearby. When your suffering comes to a climax, you are just near the boundary from where the dimension of happiness and bliss starts. You will have to pass through suffering. Be ready for it because unless you pass through it you will never go beyond it. Don’t suppress suffering. Rather, move through it.

The meditation experiments that will be done here will bring your suffering to the surface. These experiments will bring your suffering from the unconscious to the conscious; and once suffering becomes conscious, it can evaporate.

From the unconscious, nothing evaporates. You go on pushing and forcing away your pain, anguish, anger, violence. You go on pushing and forcing everything inside you into the unconscious. Your unconscious has become a wound, it has become a hell. It has to be brought out. If you really want to enter a heavenly dimension, you will have to pass through the hell. Courage will be needed: courage to move through the hell, courage to be reborn.

When I say it is a rebirth, I mean it. You will pass through a death and then you will be reborn. Meditation is a death: dying to the past, dying completely as an ego.

What to do? How to die so that a new life is born unto you? How to die so that you can be resurrected again?

Jesus says that unless a seed dies it cannot become a tree, it cannot grow. You are like seeds, seeds of a divine flower, and unless you die as seeds the flowering will never happen. You have been carrying your seed for lives and lives, for millions and millions of years. Every moment is the right moment. If you are ready, the seed can die and a new life resurrect, a new life arise out of it.

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