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Chapter 10: A Hollow Bamboo

An enlightened person comes to know that independence is impossible, dependence also impossible. The reality is neither dependent nor independent; the reality is interdependent. We exist together. And when I say “we,” the trees are included, the mountains are included, the skies are included. When I say “we,” everything is included, nothing is excluded. We exist together. We are together. Our very being is togetherness. Nobody is self-sufficient.

That’s what ordinarily we are trying to become - self-sufficient. That is our whole struggle - so that we are no more dependent on anybody. But just think: is it possible to be self-sufficient? And if it is possible for a man to become self-sufficient, will he be alive? He will be dead. Only when you are in your grave are you self-sufficient. Otherwise you will have to breathe - and you cannot be self-sufficient about it. You will have to take in the breath, the vitality, the prana. You will have to wait for the sun to make you warm. You will have to eat the fruit of the trees so their juice becomes your blood. You will need billions of things. How can you be self-sufficient? The very idea is foolish.

But there are people, the so-called saints - who go on teaching you “become self-sufficient.” That is an ego trip. It is not possible in the nature of things to be self-sufficient because self is a falsity. Self is just an idea, it has no reality, so how can you create sufficiency around a false idea? Self in itself is nonexistential, so how can you create sufficiency around something which does not exist?

The enlightened person is one who looks into life and comes to know that “I am not, only God is, truth is. Truth is self-sufficient, the whole is self-sufficient. How can I be self-sufficient?” We are linked with everything else, and this linking is really complex. I am not only linked to you, you are not only linked to these trees, you are not only linked to the sun today - you are linked to all the people who have ever lived on the earth. If your parents were not there you would not have been here. If your grandparents were not there you would not have been here. Just go back, go back - if Adam and Eve were not there you would not have been here.

So not only are we linked with the contemporary existence, we are linked with the whole past - not only of humanity, but of the whole universe. This is easy to understand - that we are linked with the whole past - otherwise how can we be? We are part of a procession, part of a river, an ongoing river. You are also linked with the future. It is a little more difficult because we think that maybe it is right - we are linked with the past - but how are we linked with the future?

A river has two banks. It cannot flow with only one bank, otherwise it will never reach the ocean. The other bank may be hidden in deep mist, you may not be able to see it, it may be very far away. You cannot see it - it is beyond the horizon - but still you can think that it has to be there. The past is one bank of the river of time, the future is another bank. Without the future the past cannot exist; and without the past and the future the present cannot exist. The present is the river, the past is one bank, the future is another bank.

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