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Chapter 6: I Am a Destroyer

Fifty years of history! It is a very long, dragging affair. And even then it doesn’t help much because there are millions of problems, it is not only a question of one problem. You can go into one problem’s history, you can look into your autobiography and find out the causes. Maybe you can eliminate one problem, but there are millions of problems. If you start going into each problem, to solve one life’s problems you will need millions of lives. Let me repeat it: to solve one life’s problems you will have to be born again and again, millions of times. This is most impractical, this cannot be done. And all those millions of lives when you will be solving the problems of this life, those lives will create their own problems.and so on and so forth. You will be dragged more and more into the problems.this is absurd!

Now the same psychoanalytical approach has gone into the body: rolfing, bio-energetics and other methods are there which try to eliminate imprints on the body, in the musculature. Again you have to go into the history of the body. But one thing is certain about both the approaches, which are on the same logical pattern: that the problem comes from the past, so somehow it has to be tackled in the past.

Man’s mind has always been trying to do two impossible things. One is, to reform the past - which cannot be done. The past has happened, you cannot really go into the past. When you think of going into the past, at the most you go into the memory of it; it is not the real past, it is just the memory. The past is no longer there, so you cannot reform it. This is one of the impossible goals of humanity; man has suffered very much because of it: you want to undo the past. How can you undo it? The past is absolute. The past means: all potentiality of it is finished, it has become actual. Now there is no longer any potentiality to reform it, to undo it, to redo it. You cannot do anything with the past.

And the second impossible idea that has always dominated the human mind is: to establish the future, which cannot be done again. Future means that which is not yet, you cannot establish it; future remains unestablished, future remains open. Future is pure potentiality! Unless it happens, you cannot be certain about it. Past is pure actuality, it has happened. Now nothing can be done about it.

Between these two man stands in the present, always thinking of the impossibles. He wants to make everything certain about the future, about tomorrow - which cannot be done. Let it sink as deeply in your heart as possible: it cannot be done. Don’t waste your present moment for making the future certain; the future is uncertainty, that is the very quality of the future. And don’t waste your time looking back; the past has happened, it is a dead phenomenon, nothing can be done about it. What at the most you can do is you can reinterpret it, that’s all. That’s what psychoanalysis is doing: reinterpreting it. Reinterpretation can be done, but the past remains the same.

Psychoanalysis and astrology.astrology tries somehow to make the future certain, and psychoanalysis tries to re-do the past. Neither is a science. Both are not sciences, both things are impossible, but both have millions of followers, because man likes it that way. He wants to be certain about the future, so he goes to the astrologer, he consults the I Ching, he goes to a Tarot reader, and there are a thousand and one ways to fool oneself, to deceive oneself. And then there are people who say they can change the past - he consults them also.

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