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Chapter 28: Death Never Happens to You

When consciousness is there, that is the most profound and the deepest thing there is. Even if God is standing there he will be superficial, because he cannot be deeper than your awareness. He will be an object of awareness, just like any other object. Your consciousness is depth itself, abysmal. So it has been a good insight.

Now try to live it twenty-four hours a day. Accept it, and don’t condemn it. It is beautiful, and everything will look superficial and like acting.

It’s very strange(like a dream.

Yes, it looks like a dream. It is! That’s why in India, people who have attained to higher consciousness have called the world maya, illusion. It is not that it is unreal, but their depth is such that from there everything looks unreal in comparison. So enjoy it, and don’t be puzzled by it, because in the beginning it is confusing.

Once you said that if your meditation is going right, then there is no need to go back into the past. I don’t know whether I should go back into the past more, or if my meditation is going right and I should go on with that.

You need not go into the past, but just remain more and more alert. The need to go into the past is because you are not aware.

(to the group leader) This has to be understood.

In the West, going into the past has become very very prevalent. Since Freud, to go into the past, into one’s memories and dreams, has become very important, and now even more important because of Primal Therapy. It seems that it is the only way to get rid of the past; but there is another way which the East has tried.

Whatsoever you call your past is present right now, in this moment. When you go into your childhood you go in the present tense, because you can never go in the past. You can remember it, but that childhood, and the concept and the memories, are all present herenow. As we move, the whole past moves with us, and it goes on growing in us. We are carrying it, containing it.

In the East we have tried a more simple method which is quicker and more valid. It is just to become aware of the present moment. There is no need to go anywhere, past or future, but just to be totally aware of the content of the mind, whatever it is. Suddenly the bridge is broken, and you are no longer concerned with it. It is as if it is somebody else’s life, and no longer your autobiography. You are just the watcher, and the watcher has no autobiography, because in that depth nothing ever happens, there are no events. It is simply pure and uncorrupted.

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