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Chapter 15: Wake Up! This Is a Dream

Karma, past actions, bear fruits only when we have a feeling of my-ness for our bodies. It is never desirable to have a feeling of my-self for the body. Thus, by giving up the feeling of my-ness for the body one gives up the fruits of past actions.
This fallacy that the body is myself is the cause of creating in the imagination the idea of past actions. But how could something be true that is imposed or imagined about a fallacy?
From where can a thing be born which is not real in the first place? What has not been born, how can it be destroyed? How can a thing that is unreal have past actions?
The my-ness with the body is the result of our ignorance and it is destroyed totally by enlightenment. Then how does the body remain? It is to satisfy this doubt of the ignorant that the scriptures have outwardly attributed the continuance of the body to past actions.

One or two questions have been asked. It will be good to discuss them first. A friend has said that what I have been saying is understood by him, but still it is not understood. So, what is he supposed to do about it?

This question is valuable. Everybody must be feeling like this, because understanding has two levels. One is that what I am saying is understood by your intellect; it appears logical to your intellect and your intellect thinks this must be so. This understanding is superficial, it cannot penetrate to the inner core of your being. This understanding is not from your being - it is not from your soul. It appears outwardly that you understand, and as long as you listen to me sitting here you feel you have understood completely. But then you go away from this place and the understanding begins to fade. This is so because as long as whatever has been understood is not practiced also, it cannot become a part of your being. Whatever has been understood, if it does not become assimilated in your blood, flesh and bones, it will fade away like some coloring done on an outer surface.

Your entire past understanding is lying underneath that which you have now understood, and as soon as you go away from here it will begin to create conflict with this new understanding. The old understanding will fight it and push it away. The old ideas will resist the entry of the new idea, will make everything topsy-turvy, will raise thousands of doubts and objections. If you become lost in those objections and doubts, the glimpse of the new understanding will be destroyed.

There is only one way - that whatsoever has been understood by the intellect should be transformed into your life energy, it should be practiced. A harmony should be created with it. It should not remain just a thought, but deep down it should become your action too. And not only your action, but your whole inner being should become recreated by it. Only then slowly, slowly what has reached the surface will go deeper in you and become a practiced truth which your old ideas won’t be able to destroy. Rather, because of its presence the old ideas will slowly recede and vanish on their own.

So this is right - this is a natural question for a seeker. Although we understand, we remain as we were. And if we remain as we were, this new understanding will not last for long. Where, in what space, can it stay? If you remain the same old person, all the new understanding will be eliminated, soon forgotten.

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