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Chapter 27: A Ray from the Beyond

But if somebody wants a divorce, both the parties are not needed to appear before the judge. One party simply says, “I want to separate.” That’s enough. Whether the other party wants it or not is immaterial. And there is no need to provide a reason why they want to separate. It is their personal and private life, and no law, no court, no society has any right to interfere in it.

They wanted to be together - they were together. Now they want not to be together and they are simply informing you, that’s all. They are not asking your permission. Because who are you? Why should they ask anybody’s permission? It is just information, so that you know that they are no longer together; so in your register you can change their marriage status. And they are not “divorced people.” They are simply again unmarried people.

The word divorce is ugly. The woman is no longer married, she is again a “Miss.” The man is again unmarried - not divorced. Why carry the past? Let them be completely free so they can renew their life again. And if a man is understanding enough, one marriage will do - for one lifetime at least. And if one marriage cannot drive you towards enlightenment, that means something is wrong with you. You are either retarded or simply incapable of learning from experiences.

Joe comes home, and finds his wife in bed with another man. He is furious, and demands an explanation.

“Well,” begins his wife, “this man came to the door an hour ago, and asked me for something to eat. So I gave him a sandwich. I noticed his shoes were worn out, so I gave him a pair you have not worn for ages. Then I noticed his jacket was torn, so I gave him one of your old ones. When he took his old jacket off, I noticed his shirt was frayed. So I gave him one that you gave up wearing a long time ago.

“Finally,” she continued, “when he was going out the door, he turns and says to me, ‘Say, lady, is there anything else around here that your husband does not use?’”