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Chapter 5: Happiness Knows No Tomorrow

One day you are in a mood of love. Another day you are in the mood of sadness. One day you are overflowing, another day you are a miser. Different colors and shades of moods, and in different shades and colors you will be reading the same book. Again and again, and the Gita becomes millions of doors. You can enter it from so many ways, from so many doors, and you bring the meaning. The meaning is yours.

One day when your mind has stopped functioning completely and you are just a flow - when I say mind has stopped functioning completely, I mean you don’t bring the past at all; mind is the past - if you don’t bring the past at all and you can read and listen, then your reading has become a meditation. Yes, reading can be helpful, but ordinarily it proves to be harmful, because the way you behave with books is harmful to you. You simply collect; you go on collecting dead facts. You become a junkyard - maybe an encyclopedia, but you lose the inner coherence, the inner music, the inner harmony. You become a crowd: so many voices, no unity. This is not getting integrated, this is disintegration.

So whatsoever you do - it is not only a question of reading, listening - whatsoever you do, it will depend on you.

The second question:

I took sannyas from swami Shivanand of Rishikesh after reading his book Brahmacharya and other books of his.
After some years, I was attracted to Sri Ramana Maharshi and thereafter to Sri Aurobindo due to his integral approach to the divine. From 1959 onwards I was doing meditation on the lines indicated by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.
Thereafter J. Krishnamurti's approach attracted me, now yours.
I enjoy and feel happy whenever I read Sri Aurobindo's works, since he emphasizes living a full life and realization of integral divine and gives much emphasis to physical transformation.
You also emphasize not to negate life but to live fully, and have given a new meaning to sannyas.
Hence I am here to embrace this also.
I wonder whether I am on the right path or drifting?
What is this multifarious attraction in me?
Could you help me with a right path if I am drifting?

The first thing to be understood: Before one can come to the right door, one has to knock on many doors. Life is an adventure - of courage, daring, and basically it is trial and error. One has to go astray many times to come to the right path. And when I say the right path, I don’t mean that Sri Ramana’s path is not right, but it must not have been right for the questioner; otherwise there is no need.

Once you have come to the right path for you.and it is always a question of the individual, it has nothing to do with Ramana, Aurobindo or me; it is a question of you. If you have come to me and you feel at home, then your journey has finished. Now there is no need to drift any more, now you can settle and start working - because in drifting work is impossible.

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