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Chapter 3: Zen: A Tremendous Rebellion


Come back, but come back as buddhas, with great peace, silence, grace.

Sit down for a few moments just to remember the golden path that you have traveled. And just watch: every day the distance between you and the buddha is becoming less and less.

The day your center and your circumference become one, the day your day-to-day life is also an expression of your buddhahood - carrying water from the well, chopping wood for the winter - you will be a buddha in your meditation, you will be a buddha in all your activities. That day will be the greatest day in your millions of lives. That day you will be awakened from a coma, from a deep, deep sleep for the first time.

For the first time you will know the beauty of existence, its truth, its splendor. Then all that remains for you is to share - share your joy, your ecstasy, with friends, with strangers.

Except the whole earth becomes filled with this festival of being a buddha, there is no hope for man.

But I trust in the intelligence of existence. You simply spread the fragrance. It will become a wildfire around the earth.

One single seed can make the whole earth green.