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Chapter 42: Everything Beautiful Is Absurd

If you are not our leader, why do we get clear messages from the master to do this or that?

I am certainly not your leader, and I never was before. The very word “leader” stinks of politics. In the world of religiousness there are no leaders, no followers, because to be led by someone is to remain blind. He knows - you do not know. You have simply to be his shadow, following his footprints wherever he goes.

Religious experience is totally different. The function of the guide is acceptable. The guide has not to be followed, but understood. The guide can tell you about his experience, the path that leads to the peak of existence. But he also knows that every individual is unique; hence, you cannot follow the footprints of another person. You will have to find your own path. There are not ready-made paths already available - and that’s the beauty, the beauty of total freedom. As you walk you create the path. By your very search you create the truth.

The guide is a friend; he is not a leader. A leader is ugly. He reduces you, insults you, humiliates you, makes you puppets. He decides for you - you are not allowed to decide for yourself. For example, Jesus says to his followers, “I am your shepherd, you are my sheep.” And I am amazed that not a single disciple stood up and said, “This is humiliating. You are degrading us, putting us below human beings.” Just to become a shepherd thousands of people have to be reduced to sheep - to fulfill one man’s mad ego. How many million people have been reduced to subhuman levels?

The leader becomes bigger as he manages to make the follower smaller. The leader can never be your friend. And if he can never be your friend, then who is he? He is your enemy! I repeat it: he is your enemy. He has kept you retarded, blind, unevolved. He has really made you into sheep just to fulfill his desire of being a shepherd, of being a savior. And for twenty centuries not a single Christian has raised the question that this statement of Jesus does not show compassion, love. The statement is fascist!

I am certainly not your leader. I do not want anybody to remain retarded, to remain blind, to become dependent on me. I don’t want to become your father figure.

Have you ever thought why you call your priests, bishops, cardinals, “father”? They don’t have any children, they are unmarried people - a very strange kind of father! You are their children, and to remain your father they have to keep you confined to your childhood consciousness. You should not be allowed to grow.

Why do all the religions call God, the father? Why not God, the uncle? - which seems more human, more soft, more intimate. But God has to be the father for a certain reason. He helps you to remain a child, dependent, always praying for help, always hoping for reward. But that never allows you to stand on your own feet.

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