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Chapter 26: In Aloneness You Are Infinite

Ordinarily when people feel lonely they seek company; but that’s not right, it is not going to help. When you are lonely seek nature, not company. Go to the tree and talk to it. Go to the rock, touch it, feel it. Go for a long walk and feel your body against the wind. Do something with nature, because it is not company in the same sense that human beings are. In nature the company is there, but you are still alone - that’s the difference.

Nature simply gives you silent company - unobtrusive, non-interfering; it doesn’t force anything on you. Go to nature, and suddenly you will feel your loneliness changing into aloneness.

When you are alone, don’t even go to nature, go into yourself. Try this, mm? Good.


The group was a very good experience for me, but I feel it can’t help me completely. While I was in the group I was helped, but I don’t believe that it can help me all my life.

No, this group will be helpful, but no group can become your life. A group is just an insight. It helps to give you an insight about yourself, shows you certain possibilities about yourself. It opens a window.

It is not a pilgrimage. It just opens a window and shows you a path. Then you have to follow the path - only then you reach the goal. So whatever glimpse you have attained from the group was for the time being, and can never become permanent.

It is like a seed. Let it sink into you. You can work it, help it to grow, and protect it. The world is against all inner insights, so protect it against the world. Let it become a little stronger so that it can protect itself. Then by and by it will change your whole lifestyle.

You will need a few more groups so that the same insight comes from different paths, so again and again a window opens and you can see the path.

It is just like lightning on a dark night. You are lost and the night is dark; there seems to be no possibility of any morning. This is how the human situation is. Then suddenly there is thunder and lightning and everything becomes clear - just for a moment. In that moment darkness disappears. You can see the path ahead, you can even see the temples far away, but then it is gone.

Again there is darkness, and it is darker than before, but now you know that the path exists, that there is a goal. Now it may be difficult to reach, but it is not a hopeless quest. Now if you fail, it is your responsibility. Before, you could have said that there was no goal, nowhere to go, but now there is a responsibility. Deep down you know that if you seek and search, you will find it there somewhere.

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