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Chapter 11: Ambition: The Roots of Terrorism

The man said, “I have heard all of your talk. You are all worthless! You don’t know anything except how to waste money. All the time wasting money! Bring my shoes. I have still some life left in me. I can walk down to the cemetery myself. I will die right there, at the cemetery. All this trouble and expense for transportation! What if someone recognizes me when you put me out there at the garbage dump.and I die there! Everyone knows me, the whole town knows me. The driver of the municipal garbage trolley must know me. Anyone may recognize me. What will people say? You are neither worried about the disgrace, nor about the expense. You are talking like great aristocrats - Rolls Royce, Toyota, cart! Have your forefathers ever sat in any one of these?”

However, it is your choice. Live, die. Live again and again, die again and again. But one day, some day, you will have to come to the right path. There is no way out. There is no exception. One day you will have to think, “Enough is enough! Now it’s time to move from darkness to light. Now I want to travel not from one body to another, but from darkness to light. Now I have to move not from one form to another but from the unreal to the real. And now, no more of entering one house from another. Instead, I want to discard death and embrace deathlessness.

Then, there is no end. Then, the journey is endless. Then, the journey is in the endless. Then, you have become a participant, a partner; you have merged into that which is indestructible.

And, until this happens, know well that the light of understanding has not yet arisen.